My journal

Tuesday, September 26

This page of my blog doesn’t have anything to do with my other tabs, this is just my journal. I like to write about my life and remember all the blessings I have. So this is more of a random page. Feel free to read!

Freshman’s take on BYU

Like I said earlier this is my first semester at BYU. I was really scared to come. I have heard rumors of many students failing classes and being too overwhelmed, but I don’t feel that way, yet. BYU is an exciting adventure. You never know whats going to happen. Maybe your professor will bake you treats and bring them to class, maybe you see random potatoes all around campus hidden for all to see, maybe you will stay out until 4 am and then want to slap yourself in the morning when your alarm goes off  for your 9′ o clock class (that doesn’t seem early but it is).  The spirit that I feel on campus is incredible, I don’t mind walking 15 minutes to all my classes because the campus is beautiful. I feel so blessed to be able to be a student at Brigham Young University, all my hard work in high school was worth it, and I would do it again to be apart of this school.



Wednesday, September 27

A lot of people have been asking me what I want to major in, or what I want to do when I get older. The problem is, I want to do everything! I want to do something with people, I want to be interacting with people every day. I feel like I am a pretty organized person, so I want to do something where I need to have a planner and stay organized. I love planning things. I would love to be an event planner, and if I got good enough this might even include traveling!! I want to do something that I love and something I am good at, but also that when I had kids I could stop working for a couple years and then come back. I am taking a communications class here a BYU (Professor Zurcher is so awesome, actually all my professors are awesome.) and one of our assignments is to interview someone in a field of communications. I am going to interview someone who works in Public Relations! I am really excited. Maybe this is something I want to go in to!


Saturday, October 7

General Conference was this past weekend. When you go off to college your parents can’t make you get up for a 10′ o clock morning Saturday session. (it’s harder than it sounds.) But waking up for that has blessed my life. Elder Holland and Uchtdorf are two brilliant and uplifting speakers who teach in such a motivating way. I had the opportunity to go to the Sunday afternoon session at the conference center in Salt Lake City. The spirit in the conference center was incredible. It was amazing to be in the presence of men who have devoted their hearts and souls to the gospel. Elder Callister gave a really powerful talk on Sunday about Joseph Smith. He gave so many facts about him that weren’t arguable. I am so grateful to be apart of this church and be apart of a religion that is full of so much love that we hold conferences every 6 months to tell us what we need to hear.

Sunday, October 8

I know I am going to like BYU because I already do. But, I know I’m going to have a hard time with Provo drivers and the ticketing and towing companies. I feel like I live in New York. Provo is packed with people. Provo is always congested with traffic, it takes me 15 min. to get to the freeway from my dorm when it should only take 7 min. The drivers here are inconsiderate, but I guess you kind of have to be if you ever want to get where you are going. I see at least 2 accidents a week on University Ave. Now let’s talk about tickets and towing. It’s really frustrating when I come home at night and there is no parking. When I say no parking, I mean that I am driving around for 30 minutes until I just park somewhere illegal because I need to go to sleep. One day I got home and there was nowhere to park so I parked across the street. The next day I woke up, went to school, did homework and then walked outside to get into my car and IT WAS GONE. I started to panic because I had work in 15 minutes, and I had never heard of someone getting towed except for in the movies. Luckily, my roommate was home so she could take me. I started calling around to see how I could get my car back and I finally found out where it was, but it was closed. The next day after school I called that towing company and went to his junkyard to pick up my car. It ended up being $263.00 and then on top of that I had a $25.00 ticket. There was a $40 dollar holding fee per day I didn’t pick it up. I was furious. Just last night my friend called me and said she just got towed at the Village because someone was in her spot so she had to park in visitor parking. Why does Provo care about where we park? This causes a lot of problems for BYU and UVU students. If they are going to tow us, then they should make an alternative place to park. We have to park somewhere.

Sunday, October 15

Last Sunday as I was sitting in Stake Conference and my phone buzzes, it’s my mom texting in a group text with me and all my cousins it says “sorry no family dinner tonight, Landon might be diabetic.” Landon is my 9 year old brother. When I read this is started to freak out, I walked out and drove down to the hospital. Lying there was my little brother, hooked up to 2 different IV machines. I looked over at my distressed mother and started crying. That day my brother was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. This was a huge lifestyle change for my family. My family and I had to go to a 2 hour educational meeting that night teaching us all about what diabetes is and how to manage it. He has to constantly be checking his blood sugar and giving himself insulin through a shot or drink juice depending on what his blood sugar is at. When he was admitted to the hospital his blood sugar was around 700, we are supposed to be between 80 and 150. This week Landon still was able to play in his soccer game and go to school just like a normal kid. He still is a normal kid, but instead of getting his insulin from his pancreas, he gets it from a needle. I am so grateful for doctors, modern medicine and the technology that we have to keep my little brother okay.

Thursday, October 20

My cousin Ashleigh and I have been best friends all growing up. My family moved in right next door to hers when I was 8. In 4th grade, she moved to Alpine, 20 min. from my house, but we still managed to see each other quite often. The past 2 years we have gotten extremely close and were planning on rooming together in college. But when we both decided to go to different colleges this became difficult. It is her schools fall break so she is coming to Provo today!  I haven’t seen her since she moved out in August and I cannot wait. Hopefully, I will be able to go up to Utah State where she is going to school and stay with her.

Thursday, October 26

I took my first test ever at the testing center yesterday, and it was the most anxious room I have ever been it. Pencils tapping, sweating palms, and stressed faces filled every desk. I was so flustered and scared. I got my test and forgot everything I had studied. I said a prayer and looked up at the pictures of Christ that lined the walls, took a deep breath and started my test. It took me 42 min. and handing in my test was the best feeling ever. BYU is stressful and hard and overwhelming, but after accomplishing something that I was so scared for is the best feeling ever.

Friday, October 27

Halloween is this week and this has always been such a fun holiday for my family. I remember in Elementary school Halloween was always the best day. The dressing up, the class parties, and the parade. That night going home and eating the black bean tradition soup before going trick or treating. My dad would dress up as a pilot every year and take us out and my mom would stay home and answer the doors for the trick or treaters. Now Halloween is different, it’s an excuse to stay out all night and forget about homework and school for a short amount of time until the next morning waking up an wishing you had gone to bed an hour earlier. I am excited to see what Halloween day is like on BYU campus. Do people dress up? I know I will!

Sunday, October 29

I made it through my first college midterm week. Do you ever lay in bed, knowing you have a stressful day the next day, and think “I can’t wait to be laying here in 24 hours done with tomorrow”? because that was me every day last week. I made it though! I am so grateful that I was able to accomplish that hard week. It was rewarding knowing I did something hard, and that my studying paid off. I’m excited for this next week, knowing that I can go back to the normal “hardness of school.” This week is Halloween and I am excited to have something fun to look forward to! (Like the party on center street for all the BYU kids) I love BYU and the spiritual aspect of everything. I know without the help of my Heavenly Father I wouldn’t have made it through this week!


Monday, October 30

Wow, I have so much on my mind. First, I love Mondays because I get to email all my missionary friends. In high school, I had a group of 8 boys that were all my best friends. I would come home from work and their cars would all be parked outside my house and they were would be inside either talking to my parents, playing basketball with my brothers, tickling my sisters, or the usual relaxing in my hot tub. They kept swimsuits in our downstairs bathroom. (they are still there even with them out on missions, because my mom doesn’t have the heart to take them out.)  Moral of the story I love them and  I miss them and on Mondays I get to talk to all of them. Out of the 8 boys, 2 got called to Chile, (the same mission!) 2 got called to the islands, and 2 got called to Russia, and 2 got called stateside. Crazy how that worked out.

Second, I was reading Elders Nelsons biography the other day and he has lived such a fulfilled life! Reading the biographies of all these general authorities make me want to live a life like theirs! They have gone to crazy amounts of schooling, they all have happy families and they all serve faithfully in all their callings. I am grateful to be part of a church with such wise leaders to guide and direct me!

Monday, November 13

My best friend was called to serve in the Romania Moldova mission. She leaves December 6, and won’t be able to call home for Christmas. Yes, my guy friends leaving on missions was hard and heartbreaking but, one of my best girlfriends leaving who I have known since I was in Junior High is really hard to grasp. I am so grateful for her example to me and I know a mission is right for her and will bless her and her family forever, but it’s still hard to know she has to leave me for a year and a half. I know time goes by fast, one of my friends has almost been gone for 6 months and it feels like 2 weeks! I look up to missionaries and the sacrifice they are willing to make for their Heavenly Father. I am still praying and trying to receive my answer whether or not I should serve. I am excited to hear and live up to my answer.

Tuesday, November 28

Last week was Thanksgiving break and it was time for a break. It was also my birthday which made it hard to have motivation to do any homework at all. On my birthday my family and I went to Pieology, a really yummy pizza place, and the move Wonder! It was the sweetest movie ever! It should be required for everyone to watch. After dinner and a movie my friends and I played laser tag, my favorite game, then we went to their apartment and had doughnuts and ice cream. I had a really fun break and birthday. I love my family and friends!

Wednesday, November 29

Finals are approaching and I never thought I could be this stressed. There is so much to do. I don’t think there are enough hours in my day to get everything done I have to. I feel blessed that I am able to attend Brigham Young University, but I am really scared to see my final grades. All I do is study, work, and sleep. Thanksgiving break was much needed but now I feel like I need another one. Over Christmas break my family is going to California and then Arizona to watch my brother play basketball, the weather will be like 80 degrees! I am excited to say I survived my first semester at BYU.

Thursday, November 30

I am officially the worst procrastinator ever. I was given a paper 2 months ago in my religion class that was due today. Of course I didn’t start it until Monday. Today I woke up and was going to get to class early so I could print it off. When I got there the printer was broken. 2 minutes until class and I had been to 3 different printers and none of them were working. Now class had been in session for 10 minutes and my paper was still not in my hand. Finally, I ran to the library and used that reliable printer. I ran to my class and was 15 minutes late. I did turn my paper in though and I have never been more relieved. Moral of the story: Don’t procrastinate.

Monday, December 11

My best friend from high school Andie Madsen left to the MTC on Wednesday. I didn’t realize how much I talked to her until she was gone. I still don’t know when her P day is because she is still in the MTC but I cannot wait to talk her. Saying bye to missionaries is really hard but knowing that they will come home makes it easier. I have a friend who just hit his 6-month mark and that gave me hope. Becuase college keeps me so busy time flies by. Andie is going to Romania and will be gone for a year and a half. I put that into perspective and tried to figure out what I was doing a year and a half ago, and I was starting my senior year. That makes me excited because that does not seem like it was that long ago. I was reading a conference talk from this past October and a big theme in this talk was “hard is good.” Going on missions has been so hard for my friends but as I read their emails they seem so happy, and they took a leap of faith, went on a mission, which was so hard, but they are happy and it has been a good thing.

Tuesday, December 12

I am so excited for Christmas break! My family and I are going to California from the 21st-27th and then Arizona from the 27th to the 30th! I am just excited to be somewhere that is warm and stress free! For Christmas we are going to my grandmas house and having a huge party. My dad has 6 siblings and all together we have 35 grandkids, so you can imagine the chaos. We all dress up fancy and have a beautiful dinner. After dinner there is a talent show and every one is asked to participate. Then on Christmas day it is another eventful exciting day at the Brown house. Normally we stay in Utah for Christmas so I am excited to be in a warm environment where I can swim if I want! I am excited to be on the beach and not have a care in the world!

Thursday December 14

Last night my family and I went and saw the Hale Center Theater production of Christmas Carol. The best part about this is that I brought my lap top into the theater with me and every chance I got I studied and worked on papers for finals. I feel like I haven’t had a time to do a thing! I am running around so frantically, writing and checking off to-do lists. I am not excited to wait outside of the testing center, but I am excited to be done with all this and go to California. I know my last couple posts have been about finals but it is really the only thing I can think about! I am excited to go to sleep before 2 and not have a care in the world.