Chosen Generation

I love going to the temple because it is organized. In fact, most things about the LDS church are organized. God runs his church in such a formulated manner, that He makes no mistakes. This means that He knew what he was doing when he saved us for this day and age, with the Gospel on the earth, and living in America, with so many opportunities.  He expects a lot from us but, He knows we can do it.

I have heard many people call the youth of the church today the “chosen generation so if this is true then I often ask myself,  “What am I doing in my life that will help me live up to this idea?”  The youth today are determined and Satan knows this. He knows we are here to build up Christ’s kingdom and prepare the earth for the Second Coming, and he knows that we are going to do our best to return to our Father in Heaven.  Satan is not dumb and he targets our weak points.  In 1977 Ezra Taft Benson shared something that really applies to us today, he says, “Do you know what peace and prosperity can do to a people—It can put them to sleep. The Book of Mormon warned us of how Satan, in the last days, would lead us away carefully down to hell. The Lord has on the earth some potential spiritual giants whom He saved for some six thousand years to help bear off the Kingdom triumphantly, and the devil is trying to put them to sleep. The adversary knows that he probably won’t be too successful in getting them to commit many great and malignant sins of commission. So he puts them into a deep sleep, like Gulliver, while he strands them with little sins of omission. And what good is a sleepy, neutralized, lukewarm giant as a leader?”

The story that Elder Benson is referring to is a story about little people putting a giant to sleep and tying him up. It isn’t long before the Giant has lost his power and the small people are in charge of the him. With the Giant awake and alert the little people have no power over him, but once he goes to sleep the little people become in charge. Satan does this to us, He can’t get us with the big sins all at once because he knows we are “spiritual giants”  But, if he puts us to sleep then he has all the power. Being on our phones all the time is allowing Satan to put us to sleep. Once we are asleep Satan can tie us up. Technology can be used for a lot of good. But it can also become an addiction, and once we are addicted to something Satan can slither in and become our master.  I love social media and technology, and these things aren’t bad as long as they don’t over power us. I think it’s important that we are aware of this, and we are trying our best to stay awake.