Social Media

Have you ever heard of a snapchat streak?  Well if you haven’t, it is snapchatting the same person every day to see how long you can go for. Normally, all you send to that person is “streak” and then they send the same thing back to you. This can go on for years!  This July I went to a family reunion in California. We stayed in a big home all together and with 18 cousins under the age of 20 you can imagine the chaos.  As we were all together one of my cousins said to the other, “oh, shoot! I haven’t done my streaks for the day!” (Yes, streaks with an s at the end, because she had more than one.) What is the importance of a snapchat streak? Is it a good engaging conversation? no. Is it an important question you have to ask someone? no. It is just a picture (normally blurry) that says streak across the screen. I really can’t think of anything more pointless. My cousin was stressed because she hadn’t done her streaks for the day. Social media was made to connect with people, to keep us updated on the lives of others or sometimes used as a pass time. But do we tend to use it as a chore? We HAVE to do our streaks everyday, or we HAVE to comment on all our friends pictures to make sure they still know we love them. This can become addicting. I sometimes find my self at the end of busy day laying in bed and having a panic attack because I forgot about my snapchat streaks!  WHAT. That sounds ridiculous. Why are we putting more stress on ourselves than we already have? The solution I have is, forget the snapchat streaks and spend more time doing something meaningful.